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Stakeholders Responsibilities

The School will;

  • Be open and welcome at all times and offer opportunities for parents/carers to be fully involved in their child’s education
  • Provide clear guidance on the expectations of students in terms of both work and behaviour
  • Communicate with parents and carers to outline the targets, current working levels and attainment appropriate to their child
  • Monitor attendance, punctuality and advise parents of concerns as soon as possible
  • Work with each child as an individual to ensure they reach their full potential
  • Keep parents/carers informed of general matters and individuals school progress
  • Provide an educational programme in line with the child’s academic ability

Parents/Carers will

  • Ensure their child arrives on time and attends regularly
  • Inform the school immediately of any absence
  • Attend parent consultations
  • Attend any other relevant meeting deemed to be necessary
  • Encourage their child to respect their peers and members of staff
  • To maintain that their child has a positive attitude towards their learning
  • Support the school in implementing the rules in terms of both work and behaviour

Students will

  • Attend school regularly and on time
  • Work to their full potential
  • Follow the school's expectations and to observe school rules
  • Respect their environment