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Laser Qualifications

Experience is the teacher of all things.

- Julius Caesar


It is essential to gain experience in many areas of study and vocation as a pupil in order to make informed choices in the future and become responsible citizens. Laser qualifications are flexible in topic areas and are formed of bite-size units that can be achieved efficiently – this provides our pupils with necessary smaller successes that build up to a Level 1 qualification in year 10 and a Level 2 qualification in year 11. Through various units, pupils ultimately develop personal, social, study, employability and vocational skills.


 We deliver Laser at KS4 to both Year 10 and Year 11. In Year 10, we deliver Learning, Employability and Progression (LEAP) qualification at Level 1, and in Year 11, we deliver the Progression qualification at Level 2. The areas we study include, but are not limited to, vehicle maintenance, health and social care, careers planning, finance, catering, animal care, hair and beauty, and floristry.

Assessment Information

Laser is not an examined course. Instead, awarding of the qualification occurs through completion of a combination of units that are evidenced and assessed. Each unit is worth a certain number of credits. In Year 10, to achieve a Certificate, 20 credits are required. In Year 11, to achieve a Certificate, 24 credits are required. Other options, such as Awards, are also possible depending on how many units a pupil is able to complete.