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Ethos and Vision

Our Vision

We are driven by an unshakeable belief in the potential of young people. Working in collaboration with families and agencies, our commitment to nurturing and engaging young people in a safe and supportive learning environment is unwavering. Offering a holistic approach, we aim to empower young people to overcome barriers, build resilience, develop positive relationships and acquire the knowledge and skills to become valued and effective members of society. Safeguarding and Personal and Social Development underpin everything we do, as we know that many of our young people have suffered significant childhood traumas and our priorities are to address these and access specialist support in order for our children to engage in formal learning. We inspire and motivate our pupils to thrive with a culture of respect, dignity and celebration, where everyone feels equal and valued.

Our Aims

  • To offer a robust and personalised learning experience that is high quality and engaging.
  • To meet pupils’ individual needs to provide them with the skills and qualifications to secure a solid foundation for the future.
  • To have high expectations of our pupils in all aspects of their lives. To support pupils with their emotional and social wellbeing, equipping them with effective coping strategies.
  • To remove all barriers to learning and treat all pupils and families with empathy and respect and provide effective support networks to develop skills and confidence. 
  • To support children with gaps in their learning by mapping curriculum subjects together in an attempt to strengthen key elements of the core subjects.
  • To challenge inappropriate behaviour and language to ensure that children develop responsible social interaction. Work with children and families to build trust and positive relationships

We will accomplish this by:

  • Providing an engaging and broad curriculum that is enhanced by creative teaching and learning.
  • A range of qualifications tailored to suit the needs of all pupils which will enable them to secure a clear progression route.
  • Acknowledging that each day is a fresh start and working with pupils to build resilience.
  • Providing a highly experienced and dedicated pastoral team with expertise in mental health and wellbeing with links to external agencies.
  • Working alongside families to support our pupils and parents/carers to overcome challenges.