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Careers Conversation Videos

As part of the Talking Futures programme, The Gatsby Foundation has created a series of films that provide top tips for parents from parents about how to support children with their career decisions. Hear from a few famous faces about the importance of having conversations with teenagers about their future working lives.

Film 1 - Hear from Olympic champion Becky Adlington's mum.

Film 2 - Hear from Croydon-based mother of JLS band member JB Gill.

Film 3 - Hear from parents of 'Essex Barrister' Alexandra Wilson.

Film 4 - An overview video from parents of people at the top of their field highlighting to parents, carers and guardians the influence they can have by regularly talking to their teenagers about their future. 

Key messages for parents about their role in their child's career decision-making

These four statements could accompany any communications about these videos, or if you are just starting to bring parents in on their child’s career learning journey:

  • Many of us can feel out of our depth talking to our children about jobs and how to get started in a career. But, talking to your child really matters and can make a real difference to their future.
  • Think about what motivates your child, what they’re good at and the skills which employers will find valuable.
  • There are lots of careers out there that you may not know much about, but you don’t need to.
  • It’s OK not to have all the answers, and to learn about new options with your child.

Careers Leaders and other school or college staff can find more information about, and support for, parental engagement in careers, on the Talking Futures pages of the CEC’s Resource Directory.